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Cara wins ! written by Jissse, 2013-02-24 21:09 CET (1 comments)

After 3 really tight maps in the grand final, carapace wins this first season, without loosing any maps !
Second place is phantasy, who played beautifully during all the tournament, and just lacked a bit of success on some action.
3rd place is Jissse, who raged just enough to break his mouse on the second map of the semi-finals.
Timon was one of the best players of the day too, and if he had a better connection he could have made into the top3 player.

Some VODs [twitch.tv], thanks to Phil.

See you in about a month for some 2on2 !

Come to Qwenya ! written by Jissse, 2013-01-22 11:18 CET (1 comments)

Hello kenya maps lovers !

So we're planning a one day duel tournament to start this kenya maps stuff.
The tourney will take place on the 24th of February, starting at 14:00 CET and hopefully ending in the night.

This season will see these nice maps played : Bravado, Subterfuge, Vaporize, Skull and Ztndm6.

Most of the servers have skull and ztndm6, but the other maps are for the moment only on
- qw.lanvegas.net:28501 thanks to bmf <3
- pangela.se:28001-28010 thanks to pangela
- persuader.se:28001-28003 thanks to persuader
- qw.quakeservers.net:28501 and 28502 thanks to mli
- feijoada.no-ip.org:27501 and 27502 thanks to mushi
- qw.playground.ru:27501 - 27504 thanks to gLAd

Feel free to try some, and if you are searching for me, come on irc channel #qwenya (@quakenet).


by Foogs


by Foogs


by Foogs

Texture pack here.



by Zaka


by Ztn
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