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Some info

Wether you're bored by running on the same maps for 16 years, new to Quakeworld and willing to try some custom maps, or just wanting to have some fun, you've come to the right place !
Even if people still consider Aerowalk and Ztn as Kenya maps, here we'll play real new ( or old but not played much ) stuff.

This season will see these nice maps played : Bravado, Subterfuge, Vaporize, Skull and Ztndm6.

Most of the servers have skull and ztndm6, but the other maps are for the moment only on
- qw.lanvegas.net:28501 thanks to bmf <3
- pangela.se:28001-28010 thanks to pangela
- persuader.se:28001-28003 thanks to persuader
- qw.quakeservers.net:28501 and 28502 thanks to mli
- feijoada.no-ip.org:27501 and 27502 thanks to mushi
- qw.playground.ru:27501 - 27504 thanks to gLAd

Feel free to try some, and if you are searching for me, come on irc channel #qwenya (@quakenet).
#1 written by Anonymous (Chimpanze (juho)), 6 years, 1 month ago
Hi, fuck I dont remember my email I used to register but sign me out cause I think I am not home 24 feb 12 cet. Maybe could play later on that day.

Thanks! Ask more on IRC if needed.
#2 written by skuizh, 6 years, 1 month ago

Ok, I removed you from the list. If you can play, feel free to sign up again 24 hours before the beginning. :)
#3 written by Anonymous (Jenifer), 5 years, 9 months ago
oson afora tin astinomia . ka8e kareokli dipla apo ton astinomiko sta8mo pera xorioy nisoy, dipla se ena spiti ginete pandemonio mexri arga ti nixta kanontas parti me tin mousiki sto diapason kai dipla i astinomia den kanei to paramikro. mipos o kirios idioktitis toy en logo spitioy exei meson;;;; ! opote kirie naki akiro i astinomia pou anaferate
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